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Tourism PEI
French River Harbour with canola field in foreground

French River Prince Edward Island

An Iconic Island View

This view of French River, which encompasses one of two fishing harbours, rolling hills, golf course and abundant farmland, is one of the most photographed areas of the Island. The many fishing buildings and classic boats that populate the harbour add rich colour to the scene. When planted, a ripe canola field in the foreground is a spectacular sight.

A hidden gem

Check out Yankee Hill Beach while you are in the area. Its white sand feels great between the toes. From the beach, you can also see the red cliffs along the north shore and the long sand dune in the New London Bay; an active nesting ground for Piping Plovers. 

The gale that claimed many lives

The Island’s worst-ever marine disaster began the night of October 3, 1851. A gale raged in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence for two days. In its fury, it claimed up to 120 vessels and 250 sailors. Many of the deceased were American fishermen who were in the area to fish herring and mackerel. Hence, the name Yankee Gale. Victims of the storm are resting in cemeteries along the north shore from Tignish to East Point. At least 25 of them are thought to be buried in the Yankee Hill/French River Cemetery. The cemetery was restored in the early 2000s. While in the area, take a stroll to the nearby New London Range Rear Lighthouse.

Aerial view of New London lighthouse with fall coloured grasses and light