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Tourism PEI
Ocean through rocks, sunset, bird

Darnley Prince Edward Island

Carving out history

Prince Edward Island is home to a master stone carver – Mother Nature! One of the best examples of her ongoing handiwork can be found here in the Darnley area. As seen at nearby Thunder Cove Beach, the water and wind are constantly changing the landscape. Sometimes, spectacular masterpieces emerge, such as the famed Teacup Rock, which fell victim to a hurricane in 2022. The teacup was the setting for significant life events including baby announcements, engagement photos and family pictures. Mother Nature is not done yet, though. She is chipping away here and there on the Island’s coastline, working on her next creation. 

Oceans and rocks


Lighting the way

Everyone is familiar with lighthouses, many of which dot the coast of Prince Edward Island. However, range lights, like the ones at the mouth of the Malpeque Bay, are navigational aids of a different kind. They are used to guide ships through narrow passages. Two lights, the front lower than the rear, are positioned near each other.  At night, when viewed from the water, the two lights line up only when the vessel is in the right position to navigate the channel and reach a harbour safely. 

World Famous

Malpeque Oysters

Malpeque oysters, both wild and farmed, are universally regarded by culinary experts as clean and flavourful. That opinion was first expressed at the 1900 World’s Fair in France, where the Island delicacy was voted the best in the world. Originating deep in the glacial depths of Malpeque Bay, these oysters grace the menus of restaurants worldwide. Though they are perfectly good as is, they can be jazzed up with a bit of lemon, hot sauce, horseradish or salt and pepper.  

Anne of Green Gables

Nearby in Park Corner, tour the Anne of Green Gables Museum, a popular attraction for fans of Anne as well as other Lucy Maud Montgomery characters. The author herself was married here in 1911. Visitors can meander through the museum, go on a carriage ride and take in the splendour of the Lake of Shining Waters.