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Tourism PEI
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About Licensing, Ratings and Health & Safety Standards

Licensing and Ratings

Tourism operators of Prince Edward Island are committed to quality, safety and cleanliness of their properties. Islanders take great pride in providing you with a place to stay that is comfortable and well maintained.

All accommodations and camping sites listed have been inspected to ensure compliance with provincial and industry standards. If you choose to book a property that is not listed on the website, we recommend that you confirm that it is licensed and inspected. A posted licence is your assurance that cleanliness and standards of comfort have been met.

Operators have supplied the Information found in this website; the accuracy of descriptions is not guaranteed. The details included in listings are meant to assist you in making an informed choice. The rate information, for many properties, is presented as a low to high range. The low rate is often the lowest off-season rate available and some listings will include "prices include off-season rates." If only one rate is shown, it is the high rate. Ask the operator directly about off-season rates for the property.

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. Cancellation and deposit policies are set by individual operators. Always check these policies prior to booking.

Canada Select

Canada Select Logo

Accommodations in all regions of PEI are listed alphabetically according to a rating category. Most listings show a Canada Select rating based on nationally accepted standards. If you stay at a three-star property elsewhere in Canada, you will find PEI three-star properties comparable. Ratings measure a property's facilities, services, quality and amenities. The rating program is voluntary and some operators choose not to participate; an unrated property does not imply low standards.

Based on consumer research, the Canada Select program revises its criteria to assess properties and determine star ratings. Please read the descriptions to ensure the amenities you are looking for are available at the property you choose.

Categories and Star Definitions

Resort (R) - Destination properties which offer extensive recreational activities, on-site dining, private bath and many additional services.

Inn (I) - Properties offer breakfast and an evening meal on-site and private en suite bath facilities. Some properties may use the term "inn" as part of their business name, but are actually categorized as a B&B (or breakfast inn) according to the rating system.

Hotel/Motel (H/M) - These properties offer private baths and a range of guest facilities, services and amenities.

Bed & Breakfast/Hospitality Home (B&B)(HH) - These properties are private residences with private guestroom(s) and bathroom that may be shared or private. Breakfast is available at B&Bs and often at tourist/farm/guest homes. This category includes breakfast inns, which tend to be larger Bed & Breakfast properties.

Cottage (C) - Self-contained units with private baths and cooking facilities (or provisions for dining on-site). Units may be detached or linked and include houses and housekeeping apartments, vacation homes, suites and condos.

Star Ratings - Highest ratings on PEI

Cottage - 5 stars

B&B - 5 stars

Inn - 5 stars

Hotel/Motel - 5 stars

Resort - 5 stars

Campground/RV Park - 4 stars

Camping Select

Campgrounds are rated using a two-tier system: Facilities/Services (F) evaluates entrance, store, restrooms, roadways, grounds, security, laundry and general quality; Recreation (R) is a separate score for programs, activities and recreational. Camping Select is a voluntary rating program in which some operators participate.

Access Advisor is a voluntary program that verifies and designates accessibility levels of properties; its four designations are applied to all types of businesses, tourism operations and experiences - both indoor or out - as well as communities and public/private facilities. Contact any establishment of interest directly to ensure your specific needs will be met.

  • Full Mobile Accessible: Accessible to persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or other mobility assistive device.
  • Partially Accessible: Accessible or partially accessible to persons with varied levels of disability including difficulty with mobility, reflexes and strength.
  • Sight Accessible: Accessible to persons with partial sight impairment to total blindness. Hearing Accessible: Accessible to persons with partial hearing loss to total hearing loss.

Visit for a complete database of verified locations and more details.

Safe Haven Prince Edward Island

Safe Haven is a Prince Edward Island health and safety certification program. Look for the Safe Haven Seal of Approval for peace of mind in knowing that an operator has met rigorous health and safety standards to ensure your safety.

Safe Haven is a ‘made in PEI’ certified health and safety service that incorporates:

  • provincial government legislative and health requirements;
  • an online assessment;
  • training;
  • standard operating procedures and hygiene action plan specific to PEI tourism and hospitality.


AE American Express

DC Diners Club

V Visa

MC MasterCard

b bath

s shower

o/n overnight

W weekly rate

m metre

km kilometre

2w site with water and electrical hookups

3w site with water, electrical and sewage hookups

hsk housekeeping unit — bedding, utensils, dishes, refrigerator and stove or hotplate (for light housekeeping) provided


Fully Accessible Icon
Full mobile accessible
Partially Accessible Symbol
Partially accessible
Sight Accessible Symbol
Sight accessible
Hearing Accessible Symbol
Hearing accessible
No Smoking Symbol
Food Served Symbol
Food served
Licensed Symbol
Licensed to serve alcohol
Pool Symbol
Pool, indoor or outdoor
Beach within 200m Symbol
Beach within 200 metres
Cyclists Welcome Symbol
Cyclists welcome program, property with cycling necessities
Pets Welcome Symbol
Pets welcome, usually on leash
Air-conditioned established symbol
Air-conditioned establishment
Wi-Fi Symbol
Arts and crafts demonstrations
Arts and crafts demonstrations
TIAPEI Member Symbol
Member, Tourism Industry Association of PEI
Open during off season symbol
Open off season: before June 15 and/or after Sept 15
French Services Symbol
French services
Some French Services Symbol
Some French services