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North Cape, wind turbines, ocean, path

North Cape Prince Edward Island

Harvesting Wind

There is no shortage of wind at North Cape. Therefore, it is an ideal site for teaching about the importance of wind energy and how it is harvested. Fully refreshed in 2021, the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre offers a thrilling educational experience for all ages. State-of-the-art displays and interactive opportunities lead you through the area’s history, highlighting shipwrecks, ghost ships and memorable storms. High above you the windmills range in height from 10 to 80 metres. Each of these turbines can generate enough energy to power 11,000 light bulbs, energy that is redistributed to Islanders.  

Harvesting Irish Moss

Since the 1960s, Irish moss has been collected by a horse-drawn rake on the Island’s western shores. According to newspaper reports from that time, moss gatherers ranged in age from six to 85 years of age. The requirements for harvesting – ranging from jute bags to a horse and truck wagon – were such that even those with meagre means could participate. In short order, the astute people of the area quickly learned to read the winds to determine where the moss would wash up on shore. The seaweed is a source of carrageenan, used as a thickening agent in foods such as soups, cottage cheese, salad dressings and ice cream.

Image of person harvesting Irish Moss

Tignish Irish Moss Festival

The community hosts an annual summer festival each year with a street parade, cardboard dory races, pageant, lobster race and much more family fun.