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Warburton Scenic Road and field

Robin Hancock

Murray Village

Robin is a born-and-bred Islander living in the small fishing village of Murray River. She loves gardening,swimming, hunting for sea-glass, woodworking, cheering for her grandson while he plays hockey, and spending time with her family and two cats. During the summer, she works at the Wood Islands Visitor Information Centre, where she shares her passion for the province with folks from away.

What is your favourite thing about life in PEI?
Love the peace and quiet; the beautiful scenery - there are so many shades of green! The people are friendly, and you don't have to travel far to get to where you need to go.

What is something people wouldn't know if they're not from the Island?
They might not know how much snow we get in the winter - for example, last February, 67 centimetres fell in Charlottetown! Or that the water freezes in the Northumberland Strait. Or how big the Island is: 280 kilometres from tip to tip; that our population is 146,000; and that our soil is red because of its iron oxide which rusts when exposed to air.

If you had to choose one spot on the Island to take someone who has never been here, where would it be?
Basin Head, with its singing sands.

Any fun facts about yourself or the Island that you think people should know?
If you moved to the Island as long as 20 years ago, you’re still considered to be from away. Also, when it comes to eating lobsters, the smaller they are, the better they taste.

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