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Tourism PEI

Recently Asked Questions

Christine Wilson

Hamilton, Ontario

Asked: Where in Charlottetown can I buy tickets or passes for all public transport?

Cheryl Rowbotham

Edmonton, Alberta

Asked: Are there still lobster dinners at local churches or halls?

Portrait image of Lisa Campbell, Ask an Islander ambassador
General Island

Vickie Hall

Courtice, Ontario

Asked: How many days do we need to see the main things on the Island?

Headshot of Valerie Flynn
General Island

ng mandy

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Asked: I would like to take my doggie for a walk in Summerside. Are there any beaches in Summerside I can go in April? Thank you.

Headshot of Kelly Richard
General Island

Deb Buchanan

Alexandria, Ontario

Asked: We have booked a cottage near Tignish and would like to do some biking. Can you recommend trails/ routes?

Ruth Delong riding a bike

Beverly Lackie

Saskatoon , Saskatchewan

Asked: Hi. If biking trails/roads and staying in B&B or similar accommodation what’s the best time to visit to avoid crowds? Thanks

Ruth Delong riding a bike

Joan Cleary

Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

Asked: I want to do a week of hiking in early September. I want a long distance walk but no more than 25 km a day.

Ruth Delong riding a bike

John Edwards

Hamilton, Ontario

Asked: We are staying in Victoria and would like to take in some music at a local pub/music venue. Also looking for eateries that feature local cuisine. BTW, one of our party members does not like sea food. Any thoughts?

Portrait image of Verna Lynne Weeks
General Island

Kathy Schacter

Newmarket, ON

Asked: Interested in an excursion - deep sea fishing in Cavendish. Any suggestions who we should contact. Also where can we rent bicycles?

Lynn Langdon

Ancaster, ON

Asked: Hi, I am considering a 6 day trip to PEI the last week of October. I was wondering what the weather is like at that time of year? Would we have missed the fall colours? We want to tour the Island. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Portrait image of Nicole Bellefleur
General Island

Rosemary Young

Parry Sound, ON

Asked: What's are winters like there with regards to amount and temperature?

Headshot of Peter Llewellyn

Dan Lahaie

Asked: I have read about the meeting of the tides. Can you explain this?

Brenda Tsanoff

Asked: Do Provincial Parks give disabled camping discounts to people from another province if they have the disabled sign in car window?

Headshot of Kelly Richard
General Island

Joseph Cheung

Richmond Hill, ON

Asked: What are the top attractions in PEI other than Anne of Green Gables?

Habs Abraham

Mississauga, ON

Asked: Hello I am planning to visit PEI. What are the best places to tour from a local prospective? I am a seafood lover too!

Nicky Howatt
General Island

Elana Cain

Toronto, ON

Asked: What is the best way to see the island if I am travelling to Charlottetown without a car?

Jennifer Ballem
General Island

Erin Johnston

Saskatoon, Sask.

Asked: What are some indoor family activities for a rainy day?

Headshot of Kelly Richard
General Island

Donna Keay

Inglis, MB

Asked: What is the best scenic route to take to tour PEI

Gregory Smith

Newcastle, ON

Asked: Are there any good places to do whale watching in PEI? I have seen one tour but they say that you may not even see one. Is there a slim chance I'll see a whale when I come to PEI?

Jacqueline Shocklee

Livermore , KY

Asked: I want to see the Anne of Green Gables. What is the best way to see this. Also other tourist places while there?

Glenda Wielgosz

Kelowna, BC

Asked: What are activities to see and do in PEI that would also accomodate my 23 year old grandson who is in a wheelchair?

Jane Boger

Geneseo, NY

Asked: Are there RV campgrounds on the Confederation Trail?

Ruth Delong riding a bike

Sharon Rushton

Smiths Creek, New Brunswick

Asked: Does moon cycle have something to do with best time to go clamming?

Mitch Duesling

Toronto, Ontario

Asked: What's the art scene like in PEI? And the music scene? Is there a unique art hub or place where artists gather to share work? Also are there any unique festivals, music or art?

Headshot of Charlene Belsher
Arts & Culture

Nora Lindner

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Asked: Hi, Wondering where is a good spot along the south shore with public access to go with a small group to dig for clams? We will have two little ones with us.

Nail Ouali

Montreal, Quebec

Asked: Hi, I will visit your beautiful province in few days and I would like to know what is the best activity to do in Charlottetown area. I like beaches, museums and parks.

Brenda Koehn

Walker, MO

Asked: Is there a live reenactment of Anne of Green Gables besides The Musical?

Portrait image of Nicole Bellefleur
General Island

Wanda Huitema

Hamilton, ON

Asked: Where are the biggest waves on the Island?

Kyla Sheridan

Toronto, ON

Asked: Hi! Are there any whale watching tour companies out of the north end of the Island?

Head shot of Judy Smith
General Island

Chantale Breton

Coquitlam, BC

Asked: How many lighthouses are there on the island and can we visit any? Which ones would you recommend?

Patty Murphy
General Island

Esther Van Halteren

Lindsay, ON

Asked: Where is a peaceful, scenic area to possibly take photos, read a book or just relax?

Headshot of Barbara Mayhew
General Island

Connor Pelletier

St. Francis, ME

Asked: Where is the best place to take sunset pictures in PEI?

Christine Johnson

Stanhope, PE

Asked: I would like to take my grandson to a farm to see some cows, etc. Any recommendations? Do any farms give tours?

Elke Richard

Prevost, QC

Asked: We’ll be vacationing around PEI in September and would like to know if there are any dog friendly beaches or attractions.

Valerie Frederickson

Menlo Park, CA

Asked: I’d like to come with my 9.5 year old boy/girl twins next summer and spend a week there. What activities do you recommend for this age? My kids like biking, swimming, play grounds, ropes courses, playing in sand, super easy boating. Thank you!!

Mari Nashimoto

Asked: Which beach can I see the sunset?

Darla Foote

Cambridge, ON

Asked: I'm coming to visit PEI in a month from now What the coolest places to see, visit, do and eat there? Thanks! Darla

Headshot of Peter Llewellyn

Douglas Gillie

Halifax, NS

Asked: Please let me know where the best beaches are to find sea glass in PEI.

Tanya Davis

New Maryland , NB

Asked: I'm looking for dog friendly beaches close to Charlottetown.

Roger Duke

Sunset Hills, MO

Asked: What is the population and size of PEI?

Samantha Graham

Cambridge, ON

Asked: Can we visit Anne of Green Gables with our dog?

Headshot of Valerie Flynn
General Island

Judy Young

New Braunfels, TX

Asked: What is the easiest way to get to Prince Edward Island?

Headshot of Valerie Flynn
General Island

Bernie Connolly

Halifax, NS

Asked: How long would it take to drive from tip to tip on the Island? Thanks

Headshot of Valerie Flynn
General Island

Jacki Lagiewka

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Asked: I'm travelling to PEI for a wedding at the end of September, and since I'm a vegetarian I won't be able to enjoy the incredible seafood from the region. Any ideas on places to eat with great vegetarian options?

Nicky Howatt
General Island

Hal Brown

Boulder, Colorado, US

Asked: Where on the island can I find the best (authentic) Acadian Meat Pie? What other foods are unique to the island?

Eric Christiansen

Lititz, PA

Asked: Where is the best clam chowder and/or lobster roll?

Headshot of Barbara Mayhew
General Island

Ashley C

Los Angeles , CA

Asked: What are the iconic places to eat for locals? For instance, if someone grew up in PEI then moved away, what would be their must-go restaurants when they visit?

Headshot of Barbara Mayhew
General Island

Ted Kelley

North Andover, MA

Asked: Who serves the best oysters?

Chris Dudley

Nashville , TN

Asked: What are some really good restaurants in Charlottetown that aren't seafood-focused?

John McFall

Spicewood, TX

Asked: Where would we go to hear and see authentic Irish music and performers in Charlottetown?

Joanne Sutherland

London, ON

Asked: Where can I find a ceilidh on a Saturday or Sunday evening/afternoon in August?

Kacey Ferrier

Surrey, BC

Asked: I love history. Where are good places to visit and make sure we see on our trip?

Portrait image of Al Douglas
Arts & Culture

Dave Rand

Toronto , ON

Asked: Looking for golf courses around Cavendish?

J Clay

Asked: Where is the best & cheapest golf course to play for a beginner?

Nick Pedota

Asked: Which PEI golf course offers the closest thing to a true Scottish/Irish links experience?

Sean Williams

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Asked: If I was to choose one or two golf courses to play, which ones should they be?

Kim O’Halloran

Sudbury , ON

Asked: Where is the best place to golf with an ocean view?

Wayne Ezekiel

St. Andrews, Nova Scotia

Asked: I want to bike tip to tip the end of the month but have road bikes. Can you suggest a scenic, safe, route? Thanks Wayne

Ruth Delong riding a bike

Pierre Proulx

Sherbrooke , QC

Asked: Where would you recommend road cycling for experienced cyclists?

Portrait image of Nicole Bellefleur
General Island

Liza Gray

Hampton, NH

Asked: Are you still able to visit Greenwich in mid September ?

Patty Murphy
General Island

Cheryl Harder

Grande Prairie, AB

Asked: My mom and I are planning a trip to PEI and we would like to come when the fall colours are in full force. When would be the best time of year to come?

Patty Murphy
General Island

Deb Bergen

Carrot River, Saskatchewan

Asked: I've heard about the fabulous beaches on PEI. I am wondering where I could find a great beach that is off the beaten path - quiet, secluded, and gorgeous.

Stan Ekegren

Boise, Idaho

Asked: What is the best time of the Fall for the foliage colors in PEI?

Harvey King

Asked: Where is a good spot to go trout fishing in PEI and are their any websites for information on fishing spots?

Patty Murphy
General Island

Heidi Sutton

Saint john, NB

Asked: I want to go swimming at a red sand beach. Where should I go?

Sly Bine

Gatineau , QC

Asked: I’m looking for a nice playground in Charlottetown for my 5 children (3 to 12). We know about the one(s) in Victoria Park but would like other options. We’d also be glad to know about others outside of Charlottetown.

Head shot of Judy Smith
General Island

John Settino

Toronto, ON

Asked: I'm looking for biking options for a family that are on paths? I was looking at Cavendish to North Rustico

Portrait image of Nicole Bellefleur
General Island

Marion Rom

Vancouver, BC

Asked: Are there free walking tours in Charlottetown?

Allan Mah

Toronto, ON

Asked: Is there a lot to see and do during winter on PEI? Thanks!

Darrell Angus

Ottawa, ON

Asked: What are the best beaches for kids 10 and under?

Sophie Nguyen

Charlottetown , PEI

Asked: Where can I go fishing in PEI? Thank you!

Sally Gellard

Courtenay, BC

Asked: Where can we rent bicycles to go on the bike paths?

Erikah Black

Ontario, CA

Asked: Hi there, What is the best time to enjoy the beach? As a foodie, what is a good place to have the best seafood?

Headshot of Kelly Richard
General Island

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