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Peter talking with a child

Peter Llewellyn


Were you born in PEI or are you an Islander by choice?
Born in Georgetown, PEI.

What kind of steps did you take to become your profession?
One of the most popular questions I answer every year is how did I start? The incarnation that a visitor sees today is 18 years of learning, exploring and practicing a different skill set than the one I had worked on for most of my life. As a self taught artist, I am continually amazed at how my life experiences as a career trouble shooter in the seafood industry have been key to learning my art.

Today, as an artist, it is the processes used to create something with my hands coupled with the reactions of many customers that has directed my art. Creating as an artist is like creating as a business person, you need to understand your role in the big picture and you have to be able to convey your vision and, most of all, your passion. My art is intertwined with my passion to see my community grow and to have jobs that allow families to be a key part of our historic community.

How long have you been living in PEI?
Left in 1974; moved home in 2004

Where do you live in PEI?
Georgetown, the capital of Kings County

Describe what an average day looks like for you?
My day starts with coffee and reading the local newspaper and online news. I am in my studio every day, yes every day. In the off season by 0900 until 1700. From June to Dec it is from 0700 to as late as 2000.

What is your favourite thing about life in PEI?
Life in PEI can be as hectic or as serene as you like.

What is something people wouldn't know if they're not from the Island?
Where to dig clams? How to make toutons ---fried bread dough served warm.

What are you passionate about personally? ? What can’t you stop talking about?
The history and uniqueness of my community as it is the only town or city in Canada that can claim two, yes two, Fathers of Confederation. And, it is the one of only three PEI towns with the original (100%) boundaries and streets laid out by Samuel Holland in 17775.

If you had to choose one spot on the Island to take someone who has never been here, where would it be?
Basin Head Beach or my back deck to watch endless boats, eagles, seagulls, King Fishers and ravens.

Any funny facts about yourself or factoids about the Island that you think people should know?

Using the Confederation Bridge as the measure, PEI is only 16 bridge lengths long from tip-to-tip. When it comes to size on PEI, Islanders tend to exaggerate. Sooo, the point of this fact is that everything on PEI is within reach. Enjoy it all!

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