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Why are the potatoes so good in PEI and do you have white ones?

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Hi Bill,

We Islanders take great pride in our delicious spuds; no meal is complete without a side of our fresh baked, mashed, boiled, or fried potatoes! What makes our potatoes so delicious is our ideal growing conditions. Our red soil is rich in iron, which allows for just enough moisture to be retained. Additionally, our sunny summer and adequate rainfall allow for a perfect balance to grow our succulent potatoes!

Our potatoes come in many varieties, and are categorized by:
Russets: our most common potato, great for mashing and baking

  • Whites: include a wide range, including "new potatoes" (my personal summer favourite!)
  • Reds: have a rosy red skin and are super tasty when boiled and topped with butter and pepper
  • Yellows: these golden spuds include the delicious Yukon Gold and are becoming increasingly popular
  • Potatoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but we all agree that all P.E.I. potatoes are #1!

For more information, take a peek at this website:


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