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What is the best way to see the island if I am travelling to Charlottetown without a car?

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Jennifer Ballem
General Island

Hello Elana:

Thank you for your Ask An Islander question. I think I have some information that will help you.

Did you know that within Charlottetown itself, there is a public transit system? It is perfect for getting around the city, and the schedule is published on the Trius Transit website. Plus, there are other fun ways to explore our capital city as well. Have you ever thought about doing the Harbour Hippo? You not only get the tour of our historical downtown, but because the vehicle is amphibious you finish off with a lovely harbour cruise!

Or, another type of city tour is to do the Walking Tours by the Confederation Players. This is where you walkabout with a historical aspect - learning all about how Canada became a country and Prince Edward Island's part in the process.

If you like cycling, you can also rent bicycles. In Charlottetown, two popular places to do that are MacQueen's Bike Shop and GoWheelin' Bike Rentals. We have a beautiful Rails to Trails system here on Prince Edward Island, more commonly known as the Confederation Trail, and Charlottetown is one spot where you can access it. There are other trails choices, too, across our Island, and they all are lovely ways to see the countryside and our red soil. Nice thing about our trails is that you can also walk them!

You can also opt to do guided tours of Charlottetown, Summerside, or Prince Edward Island in general. The tour guides are experienced and well informed - with lots of tales, folklore, history and just other fun stuff to know. A couple of tour companies that conduct tours outside of Charlottetown - for example, to Cavendish, Orwell Corner, and the north and south shores include Duncan's Island Tours and Prince Edward Tours.

There are also taxi options you can consider, and yes, the Yellow Cab Company does private tours. One shuttle service I know of, East Connection Shuttle (based in Charlottetown) will also take you pretty well anywhere on the Island you would like to go if you find you want to spend a couple of days outside of the city.

Although I have not recommended any specific mode of transportation, I hope this helps you with your choices. I tried to show that even if you don't wish to use a car, there are still lots of things to see and do on Prince Edward Island. You can even do a virtual tour!

I hope you enjoy your visit to our gentle island. The weather has been beautiful lately.

Sent with thanks from Louise

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