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I want to see the Anne of Green Gables. What is the best way to see this. Also other tourist places while there?

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Good day, Jacqueline, and thank you for your question about "Anne of Green Gables." It just happens to be one of my absolute favourite topics.

I always suggest our "Anne" fans to start their tour at the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Cavendish Homestead, a National Historic Site. The reason is it puts all other "Anne" and LMM attractions in perspective. You may park your car at the homestead, visit the bookstore for the interpretive presentation, and then walk the grounds of her home. If you really enjoy walking, I would suggest heading down the path to the Haunted Woods trail at Green Gables National Historic Site. There is something so magical about the Haunted Woods trail. Just as you are about to enter the clearing to view "Anne's" house for the first time, there is a stand of pine trees that will just take your breathe away. I walk the Haunted Woods 12 months of the year and it still catches my breathe every time.

If you prefer not to walk, you could take your car from the Homestead to Green Gables and park again. Besides, "Anne's" house there is a wonderful new gift shop, and both Lover's Lane and Balsam Hollow trails are located behind the house.

Before leaving Cavendish, I would suggest a drive to Ocean View which is located inside the Prince Edward Island National Park. It is only about a 2 minute drive from both LMM's home and Green Gables. Here you will experience green fields set against red sand stones, white sand dunes and the bluest ocean waters. The colours are magnificent.

When leaving Cavendish take Route 6 west to New London and turn right on to Route 20 north. At this corner is Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthplace which has been turned into a lovely little museum. Next on your tour I would suggest continuing on Route 20 North to the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Park Corner. This is the author's cousin's home and the place where she was married. There is a lovely tea room, the house is a museum and the offer either 1/2 hour or full hour carriage rides along the ocean and Shining Waters. The carriage ride is extremely popular so I would suggest making reservations for the ride at least 24 to 48 hours before your planned visit. The number is 902-886-2884.

There is so much more to see and do. I would suggest a stop in our capital city, Charlottetown. With this being our country's 150th birthday celebration, visiting the "Birthplace of Confederation" would be rather special. Again, I would suggest parking at the large open parking space on the waterfront next to Peakes Wharf and walking old Charlottetown. There are so many unique little shops and fantastic restaurants.

Have a lovely vacation exploring our beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Kind regards,
Sandi Lowther

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