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What's are winters like there with regards to amount and temperature?

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Hello Rosemary,

This is a question I am asked about every day. It is also one that I believe is greatly misquoted or even misunderstood.

Having lived in three other provinces, and having travelled a large part of the world, I would say our winters are a very pleasant surprise for visitors.

Aside from the exceptional or freak winter that effects everyone, our winters start in about January - with little to no snow in December... green is the norm for grass in early December.

This past winter, I used my snow blower six times. Our normal temps are in the minus but nothing in the deep cold experienced in other areas. We have sunny days in the winter and I work most winters outside on my deck. The evenings are crisp and great for walking.

Different parts of Prince Edward Island will have some differences, but I think generally we have the best winter in the east.

Come on down!


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