Safety & Equipment

It is mandatory for all ski equipment to be equipped with a breaking device or strap. Skis must have brakes attached to the binding. Snowboards must have a safety strap attached to the binding. Ski blades must have either a safety strap or brakes on the binding.

Safety devices prevent equipment from getting away from the user and protect equipment from running into other participants. All ski and snowboard equipment must have metal edges and proper locking bindings.

Using the Ski Lifts

There are common courtesies and basic guidelines for riding the various surface and aerial lifts, for your safety and the safety of others.

  • obey instructions on all signs;
  • do not use a lift until you are familiar with its operation. Watch and learn;
  • slow down before approaching the entrance to a lift;
  • load and unload only at designated areas;
  • be polite and courteous at the loading areas;
  • smoking is prohibited on lifts and in lift areas;
  • do not bounce or otherwise abuse lift equipment;
  • make sure no loose clothing is caught in lift when unloading;
  • move quickly away from unloading areas;
  • if a lift stops, do not attempt to get off. Remember, if there is a mechanical problem, area personnel will provide assistance;
  • take special precautions to help small children load and unload safely. Do not allow them to ride a lift alone until they can do so properly. You are responsible for your children and their actions.