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Authentic Experiences

Feel like a local. As proud Islanders, we are excited to share our stories, traditions, and way of life with the people who visit us. We want to make you feel at home here, like part of the family. Our Authentic PEI Experiences give you the chance to roll up your sleeves like a local. To help you navigate your life as an Islander, we have created a collection of certified Authentic PEI Experiences for you to choose from. Learn how to haul a lobster trap, bake bannock and clams using traditional Mi’Kmaq methods, cook with chefs at the prestigious Culinary Institute of Canada, or feel the rush of owning a standard-bread race-horse for an evening. This is just a small taste of some of the activities you can take part in. Yes, you will get your hands dirty. You might also get your shoes wet. And your knees stained. All temporary, but the memory of your Island experiences will last a lifetime.

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Story Ideas

The Beat of One Drum

Work with an Indigenous Artisan on Lennox Island, learning about the importance of the hand drum to the Mi'kmaq culture while you assemble

Bannock & Clams

Using Mi'kmaq traditional methods prep your bannock and cook it under the sand. Gather clams on the beach and cook them on an open fire. As

Giant Bar Clam Dig

This 4-hour adventure starts in historic Georgetown aboard the newly renovated 45-foot lobster style boat, the “Tranquility.” Passengers

Authentic Experiences/Fiddling Fisherman

Join Captain and multi-instrumentalist J.J. Chaisson - The Fiddling Fisherman on-board his boat “Chaisson A Dream”. You will sail out of