MusselsCultured in the cool water surrounding PEI, are rapidly becoming one of North America's most popular seafoods.


Prince Edward Island produces about 45 million pounds of mussels each year – about 70 per cent of Canada’s entire production. Growers raise the shellfish in about 11,000 acres of shallow bays and inlets – growing the shellfish on ropes in these “leases” on the water. The suspended cultivation method began in the 1970s, though mussels have been cultivated here for almost 800 years. The tasty and nutritious blue mussels receive remarkably little processing – they’re basically washed and debearded (which removes the threads that allow the mussels to attach to rocks). The secret to the perfect mussel lies in clean waters, since mussels are filter feeders that obtain all of their food from their aquatic environment. The Island has become world-renowned for supplying delicious and tender mussels. They’re also rich in protein, Omega-3s, zinc, iodine, vitamins B and C and iron.

MusselsMussel lines can be seen in many bays and inlets on the Island.

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