Prince Edward Island OystersIn today’s fast pace world, there is something rewarding about knowing the source of the food we eat.

Prince Edward Island Oysters

Taste an Island oyster and you’ve experienced the taste of the sea. An oyster’s flavour depends largely on the minerals, salinity and nutrients available in the water where it grows. Oysters flourish in the cool and shallow coves and bays around Prince Edward Island. Each body of water gives a distinct flavour to the oysters – which are branded under names such as the world-famous Malpeque. The Island produces about six to seven million pounds of oysters every year, and they’re enjoyed as a delicacy in restaurants and oyster bars around the globe. Harvesters still fish from dories using tongs — long rakes used in tandem to collect the oysters from the water’s bottom – as well as dredging. While connoisseurs tend to savour the freshly-shucked oyster on the half shell, the shellfish can also baked, steamed, grilled, deep-fried or used in other dishes like oysters Rockefeller.

OystersAfter a day of adventuring, sit back and soak up all the flavours the Island has to offer

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