Fishing boat parade

Terms of Use

Tourism PEI Photo Policy

The Tourism PEI photo library contains original photographic images relating to the various aspects of tourism on Prince Edward Island. The purpose of this photo library is to provide photographic images to meet the marketing and promotional needs of Prince Edward Island through Tourism PEI.

These photographic images are copyright to Tourism PEI and are available for loan only for the purpose of promoting Prince Edward Island tourism and are not for sale.
Third Party use of any photos images is not permitted without permission from Tourism PEI. Electronic photo image files should be discarded after use. Further future use of photo images must receive approval from Tourism PEI. All photo images used must credit Tourism Prince Edward Island and the appropriate photographer for images used. Photo images are available on loan from Tourism PEI for:

  • Magazines, newspapers, journals, blogs for editorial use only;
  • Prince Edward Island government departments and agencies for promotional materials;
  • Rotary students, embassies, community groups, and other special requests for presentations;
  • Conventions and meetings to promote conferences to members/delegates through Meetings & Conventions PEI;
  • Bus and Tour Travel companies for exposure of Prince Edward Island in promotional materials and advertising.
  • CTC (Canadian Tourism Commission) for exposure of Prince Edward Island.

Authorized users should fill out our Photo Request Form to access our full image library with downloading options.

The Tourism PEI photo library is not in competition with Prince Edward Island photographers’ private stock photography services. Requested usage of Tourism PEI images from private sector (for publications, displays, packaging, internet use, promotion of products for sale and promotional material of a commercial nature), book publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, and commercial publications (textbooks, encyclopedias, CD, etc.) will be referred to the photographer concerned. The photographer will determine fees payable for images used in this manner. Tourism PEI will encourage private sector companies to deal directly with PEI photographers for photo requests.

PEI Tourism Associations’ publications including the PEI Handbook and other like publications are required to obtain permission from the photographer concerned (and accept stated fees) for usage of Tourism PEI images. PEI newspapers must obtain permission for images used in advertising supplements distributed outside the newspaper circulation.

Any violation of the above conditions will result in a charge directly from the photographer(s) concerned of $500 (minimum) per image used, as determined by the photographer.

Images may be used only for the specific use stated by the borrower and further use will be handled separately.

Photo Credits: In reproduction, all photos must be credited (Tourism PEI / name of the photographer). In certain cases the model(s) must be credited also.

Photographers: If photographer’s permission is required by the borrower, the appropriate photographer must be contacted for permission. Links to photographer


Conditions of Loan

By accepting the loan of Tourism PEI photographs, the borrower accepts the following terms and conditions:

  • These materials are for editorial use only, in a manner which promotes Prince Edward Island. The materials may not be used or reproduced for commercial use or advertising without permission from Tourism PEI and the photographer.
  • Any errors, shortages or discrepancies associated with this loan should be reported within 48 hours. Borrowers are responsible for the proper use, handling and storage of images.
  • Usage of photographs must be approved by Tourism PEI. Loan is for specified use only and permission for future usage must be approved by Tourism PEI.