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Winter on Prince Edward Island

Winter on Prince Edward Island is a captivating blend of tranquility and adventure, inviting travelers to embrace the Island's serene beauty amidst snow-covered landscapes. Enchanted by idyllic coastal villages and exquisite winter cuisine, visitors experience heartwarming hospitality in cozy inns and cottages. Winter sports enthusiasts revel in activities like snowshoeing and ice skating against PEI's breathtaking backdrop. The Island's vibrant cultural scene comes alive with festive events and art exhibitions, capturing the essence of winter magic. From relaxing at our Nordic spa to embarking on adrenaline-pumping adventures, PEI offers an unforgettable escape!

Female in red jacket next to Victoria Park Light looking over Charlottetown at sunset in winter

Story Ideas

Mill River Resort 

Mill River Resorts offers an unforgettable winter retreat for everyone with its blend of indoor and outdoor activities! Experience outdoor

Ice Fishing for Oysters

Renowned for our delectable oysters, this unique and thrilling winter experience promises both excitement and flavor! Embark on an

Hot Chocolate Trail

Indulge your senses on PEI's Hot Chocolate Trail, a decadent journey through the Central Coastal region. Enjoy rich, velvety hot chocolate

Good Tidings

PEI's North Shore transforms into a holiday celebration from Nov 18th to Dec 23rd, 2023. Experience delightful local shopping, enchanting

Disc Golfing

Winter disc golfing in Prince Edward Island offers a thrilling experience amidst snow-covered landscapes and crisp winter air. Challenging

Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale

Nestled in the heart of Prince Edward Island, the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale offers a perfect blend of excitement and

Meridian 63 Luxury Camping

Luxury camping at the sixty-third meridian. This property encourages and inspires travel, exploration and outdoor adventure in Scandinavian

Nature Space Resort & Retreat Centre

Nature Space Eco Resort Nature Space Resort & Retreat Centre opened in 2020, offering a variety of on-the-water tours and yoga retreats with