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Groups on ski lift at Brookvale Ski Park, PEI

Schools & Groups Prince Edward Island

Schools & Groups

The Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale offers supervised student groups the use of facilities at discounted prices during school days. We offer a variety of equipment to suit all ages and abilities, as well as gear for students with special needs.

Group Bookings

Group bookings are available on Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

  • Discounted rates (see below) are available to supervised groups of at least 20 people including a group leader(s), who must sign an insurance form. Group members must arrive together.
  • For every 8 participants, a free ticket and rental package is provided for a chaperone who helps with your group. 
  • Lessons are available but numbers and type of lesson must be confirmed at least 3 days before your group's arrival.
  • Group members with special needs can book assistance with the Ski Buddies program.
  • Each group member must complete the personal information section of an individual rental form and sign it before arriving at the park rental shop (parent signature is required for anyone under 18). Download the Rental Agreement form. Alternatively, forms can be mailed or picked up in advance.

Discounted group rates (including tax)

  Rentals Ticket
Alpine $8.05 $8.05 lift 
Nordic  $5.75 $4.60 trail
Tube hill $3.45 N/A
Ski or snowboard lesson  $5.75



A group leader is responsible to make payment at the park rental shop for the group. VISA, MC, Amex and debit are accepted. 


Please read the safety information card to your group prior to arrival at the park. 

Book your group 

Call 902-658-7862 (office)

At the time of your booking, staff will request two after-hours contact numbers for your group.


Any changes or cancellations to your booking must be made with as much notice as possible. If you must cancel the day of your booking, please contact us by 7:00 am at one of these after-hours numbers.

After-hours: 902-393-8840 (Erin)
After-hours: 902-394-6851 (Anthony)