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Important Information Operator Self-Serve Changes

New Tourism Information System & Occupancy Reporting

We are now in a transition period while we finish the development and testing of the new system, migrate stakeholder data and information, and onboard users. During this time, operators must continue to file monthly occupancy reports using an online form.

2024 Accommodation License Renewals

The renewal process for a 2024 accommodation license has moved from paper-based to online. Using the new Operator Self-Serve Portal, renewals allows you to review your existing information and pay for your 2024 license online - all in one easy step. 

Process for Monthly Occupancy Reports

You can now file your occupancy report(s) for your accommodation establishment(s) online via your Operator Self-Serve account. If you do not have an operator self-serve account, please contact our Industry Support Team (see below).

Monthly occupancy reports are due for each month that you are operating on the 10th day of the following month. To complete your occupancy report, you need the number of unit nights sold and the origin of the guest(s). All information submitted will remain confidential.

Download a step-by-step guide to file your occupancy report online


Contact our industry support representative:

Call 1-866-213-7521