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Special Event Signage

Special Event Signage

All signage visible from Prince Edward Island highways are regulated according to the Highway Signage Act and Regulations.

According to Section 1 (f) of the Highway Signage Act Regulations;

(f) special event sign” means a temporary sign that contains an advertisement relating to a special event or exhibition of a patriotic, religious, charitable, artistic, social, sporting or similar nature;”

Any special event signs (temporary signs) posted on Island highways under the definition of special event signs as defined above require pre- approval and a permit.

Signs must be for directional purposes only to be placed immediately before an event and removed immediately after. Applicants are responsible for producing their own signage. Signs must have the permits placed on signs before placement.

What should special event signs look like?

Any special event sign should a maximum size of 61 cm X 61 cm (2x2 square feet) and may include the event name and an arrow to indicate direction.

Where can signs be placed?

You can place up to six signs within 15 km of the event. Do not attach to utility poles or trees and ensure that signs do not, in any way, endanger the safety of the travelling public.

What does the permit cost?

The cost is $10 plus HST per sign. A permit provides for a maximum of six (6) signs.

How do I apply for a special event sign?

Payment, including HST, must accompany your application.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance?

Steve Haslam
Compliance Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 902-368-6215
Tel: 902-438-4704