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PEI Visitor Segments

PEI Visitor Segments

Research provides personifications of leisure visitors to PEI using custom variables defined by Tourism PEI. A visitor personification is the characterization of visitors that are segmented based on several defined variables. Variables of Tourism PEI visitor segments included:

  • Past visitation, repeat visitation and likeliness to visit;
  • Primary motivator for travel to PEI
  • Tourism activity preferences in PEI;
  • Family composition;
  • Urbanity;
  • Life stage;
  • Income.

Developing PEI Visitor Segments

Interested to know more about the PEI visitor segments and the process used to develop them?

Winter Visitor Segments

This research characterizes leisure visitors who visit PEI in winter.

Research Contact

For any questions about tourism research, contact:

Keith A. Hansen
Director, Tourism Intelligence & Stakeholder Investment
Tourism PEI