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Starting a Festival or Event

Starting a Festival or Event

Festivals and events are rich ingredients in the cultural fabric of PEI, twelve months of the year. They range from smaller single-day community events to multi-day festivals that attract worldwide visitors. If you are thinking about starting a festival or an event, this information on planning and regulatory requirements will help shape and execute your event to align with the PEI tourism strategy.

Planning Festivals and Events

The success and ease of executing a new festival or event begins with strategic planning. To help guide you through this process, here is a breakdown of some of the key stages to hosting an event or festival - from big idea to execution.

Conceptual Stage

Use this tool to help you carefully research and refine your concepts.

Event Logistics

This checklist will help you to consider all the logistics and requirements for a festival or event.


Helpful tips to best predict and project revenues and expenses.


Helpful tips to attract media and influencer attention as well as to boost sponsorship and sales.


Reward your team, patrons and suppliers by delivering the fun-filled festival or event that you have spent months planning.

Post-Event Wrap-Up

Preparing your next festival or event begins with effectively wrapping up the one that just ended.

FallFlavours, lobster party, lobster, cooking, barbecue, crowd

Contact Us

For help or questions on how to get your tourism-related event off the ground, contact Trent Birt, Tourism Development Officer.