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Golfer's Paradise


Are you looking for a golf vacation that will that will be like no other? Why not try Golf in Prince Edward Island (PEI). In fact, this magical golf mecca has more than you would think for such a tiny island. If you are planning an exciting vacation for golf in Prince Edward Island you are in for a treat. This wonderful island has just over 33 golf courses.

What makes it so great to plan this vacation for PEI is that you can drive from coast to coast in just three hours with many golfing and sightseeing options available. Also, you will be amazed at the affordable rates for green fees. Starting at just $55CAD you can really break away with a great day of golf on one coast and by early afternoon be at an entirely new green.

Believe it or not, golf is not what is most attractive about this golfing paradise, it would have to be the natural beauty of the island. This beautiful island draws so many holiday goers and golfers alike. Just imagine sitting out on the red beaches at dusk, after a full day on the green, while you sip your drink you can watch the whales out in the water. However, if you are looking for a bit more entertainment you can check out the wonderful performance center that was built by Callaway which is a golf club manufacturer on the island. Or even better, go on over and see the famous Green Gables for a spectacular side excursion. In addition to the old farm you can see the sites of the park and the majestic surroundings. This Island is a golf poster of entertainment and relaxation all rolled up in one.

That is not all that this island is famous for. It was back in 1864 when PEI became known as the birthplace of the confederation as it hosted the Charlottetown Conference which set off the events that made Canada the country it is today. However, it was only 17 short years ago that the province of Quebec tried unsuccessfully to unwind itself of this Country by seceding. Charlottetown was once again the sight of a great Canadian conference where all the leaders of Canada created the Charlottetown Accord. These constitutional amendments would later be defeated in a public referendum. Even their recent history is exciting enough to draw in tourists as Charlottetown is a historical land mark in Canada.

When you Golf in Prince Edward Islands you do so in such a way that will make you return year after year for this wonderful retreat. From the best golf courses in the world to superb food, accommodations, and entertainment, you will never forget your experience at PEI. So before you choose any other golf destination, first book in your time to Golf in Prince Edward Island. Come and spend an unforgettable vacation on this majestic island of 140,402 residents and feel like you are coming home. And with courses and accommodations that have been ranked in the top 50 best in North America you know you are choosing wisely. Just remember to bring your game and experience the golf gift that is Prince Edward Island.

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