The accommodations and food at Shaw's will make any visit to
PEI even more memorable. Chef Peter Angus and Robbie Shaw
proudly display their 2014 "Taste our Island"

Shaw's Hotel & Restaurant has won the 2014 PEI Adapt Council's "Taste our Island" Award. Striving to produce fabulous food in concert with the region's agricultural season, the partnership of fourth-generation hotelier Robbie Shaw and chef extraordinaire Peter Angus has taken the concept to a whole new level.

The original hotel was established in 1860 by Robbie's great-grandfather, John Shaw. Back then the inn, which was located on farm property, provided most of its food on site. Other ingredients were obtained by trading with nearby farmers and fishermen. Shaw's original commitment to buying from local suppliers has endured for more than a century and a half, and continues stronger than ever.

"Our farmers helped us survive two world wars and the great depression," said Robbie. "We have always had a reputation for serving quality food derived from Island sources. Chef Peter has taken this idea and ran with it. Our menu is as local as possible, and is a testament to how good our products are on PEI."

Chef Peter has long been involved in the sustainable food movement, but his arrival on Prince Edward Island has bolstered the local component to his cooking philosophy. "I have gotten to know the great organic farming movement here," he said, "and our customers are really demanding those products." He adjusts Shaw's menu accordingly, matching the restaurant's delicious offerings with the seasonal availability of ingredients.

Shaw's Hotel & Restaurant is open from early June to late September, and is located at 99 Apple Tree Road, overlooking the bay in Brackley Beach.

The Taste Our Island Award is presented annually to a PEI restaurant that achieves an outstanding level of excellence while using and promoting local products. For more information, please visit