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Driving to Prince Edward Island

Arrive by Bridge; Leave by Ferry (or vice versa!)

Whichever mode of travel you choose, you will notice that Prince Edward Island's crescent shape is perfect for a grand circuit tour. Start in from the ferry in Wood Island's the east on the Points East Coastal Drive and loop your way through Charlottetown then the center of the Island on Red Sands Shore and Green Gables Shore then North Cape Coastal Drive in the west, then departing by the Confederation Bridge. (See everything in between.) Or reverse the procedure and begin at the Confederation Bridge. In either case, keep in mind that the bridge and ferry tolls are paid only on departure or, as we like to say, only if you decide to leave! Have fun and happy touring!

e-mazing race - world's longest ev race
September 2013; the World’s Longest Electric Vehicle (EV) Tour – E-mazing Race from Seattle, Washington to Prince Edward Island took place, featuring the Sun Country Highway Charging Network.

Driving Distances and Directions

Prince Edward Island is roughly 1600 km (1000 miles) from Toronto, 1000 km (625 miles) from Montréal, 1100 km (650 miles) from Boston, and 1450 km (850 miles) from New York City. You can use our handy

Confederation Bridgedistance chart to find driving distances and times both on PEI and from major cities in eastern NorthAmerica.

The Confederation Bridge

A 13-kilometre engineering marvel, the Confederation Bridge is a quick, convenient and fascinating way to arrive on the Island. Connecting from New Brunswick, the toll bridge brings you to the town of Borden-Carleton and the Gateway Village visitor centre and shopping complex. Find more information about the Confederation Bridge by visiting their website.
  • Tolls are collected on leaving PEI at Borden-Carleton
  • Shuttle service for pedestrians and cyclists is available
  • Crossing takes approximately 10 minutes. Open 24 hours a day
  • Toll Rates
  • For more information call toll free 1-888-437-6565 or visit
Northumberland Ferries

Northumberland Ferries

Departing from Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island, on a schedule of about every hour and a half from May to late December, the car ferries offer a pleasant respite. The 75-minute trip, spent casually enjoying a chat and a snack, lounging on the deck soaking up the sunshine and sea air, and enjoying some traditional "music on deck," is often considered a holiday highlight. For details and additional information, check online or call 1-888-249-7245.

  • Tolls collected on leaving PEI
  • Departs Wood Islands, PEI and Caribou, NS
  • Operates May to mid-December
  • Crossing takes about 75 minutes
  • Fares
  • Up to nine sailings daily from both terminals during peak season.
  • For more information and schedules call toll free 1-877-635-SAIL(7245) or visit
  • Ferry information and schedules subject to change



Throwing a few pieces of firewood into the trunk of the car before a camping trip might seem like a good idea, but those logs could destroy a forest.

Firewood can carry small but harmful hitchhikers that are often hidden in the bark or wood. The damage caused by invasive species such as the emerald ash borer can expand exponentially when they get rides from families on vacation. In fact, the emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees across Canada. Animals and birds can lose their habitat.

The solution is easy: leave your firewood at home and pick some up locally instead.

PEI is an agricultural province and you may find yourself sharing the highway with farm vehicles from time to time. We encourage you to relax, enjoy the scenery and remember you are on vacation after all. The brightly coloured slow moving vehicle sign pictured here will help you identify farm vehicles from a distance. We also encourage you to watch for crop signs, placed in some fields to help visitors identify the interesting crops grown here. In Canada, the metric system is used for highway speeds and distances. The maximum speed on major highways is usually 90 km/h (55 mph), and on secondary roads 80 km/h (50 mph). Speed limits are reduced in towns and villages. Radar detectors are illegal in PEI and will be confiscated. We value your life so wear your seat belt–it’s the law! Our highway safety law requires seatbelts for adults and safety restraints for children. We take special pride in our clean roadsides, and fines are imposed for littering.

Getting to and from Les Îles-de-la-madeleine

C.T.M.A. offers regular ferry service from Cap-aux-Meules, Îles-de-la-madeleine, Québec to Souris, Prince Edward Island. Telephone 1-888-986-3278 for additional information. The ferry does not operate from February to the end of March.

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