Prince Edward Island LighthousesThe lighthouses of PEI: different heights and shapes, varying colours and designs.

Prince Edward Island Lighthouses

There are 52 lighthouses dotting the coast of Prince Edward Island. Since the first mode of transportation for early settlers was the sea, lighthouses represented an important part of trade and commerce – particularly in shipbuilding. Many colonial or “first-generation” lighthouses – those built before 1873 – are octagonal shaped, while “second- generation” lighthouses after that period are square tapered. More than 40 Island lighthouses still assist with navigation, and seven are open to the public. Some now function as craft shops, museums, and even an inn and restaurant. Appreciate the architecture, learn their stories or simply enjoy the elegance they bring to the coastline.

Built in 1876, the New London Lighthouse is located among the dunes overlooking New London Bay.

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