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Chefs’ Harvest Culinary Retreat

Starting from: $275 plus tax (room extra)

Available: Select weekends from Oct 18 to November 8 *

*Disclaimer: Start and end dates of packages are listed. This does not necessarily indicate availability inclusive of these dates.

Location 758 Route 310 Bay Fortune Bay Fortune Points East Coastal Drive

[email protected]
9026873745 (T)

Chefs’ Harvest Culinary Retreat


This interactive culinary experience is available for a limited time during the fall harvest. The Chef Brigade will create a 12-course tasting menu celebrating the Culinary Farm. "The Mind of a Chef" is a curated tasting from four different chefs and an interactive discussion about their creative inspiration. Limited to 40 intimate guests each night. Contact to book.


  • A multi-course exploration of our culinary farm and wild foraging harvest.
  • Gourmet breakfast
  • A morning forager walk with @nickofnorth through Art Forest & Woodland Trails
  • Fall rates for guest rooms (extra cost)

Location & Directions