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Savour the Orchard: Cidery Taste and Tour Package

Starting from: $55 plus taxes (per person)

Available: May 18 - October 12, 2024 *

*Disclaimer: Start and end dates of packages are listed. This does not necessarily indicate availability inclusive of these dates.

Location 146 Billy MacDonald Rd Caledonia Points East Coastal Drive

[email protected]
9023934532 (T)

Savour the Orchard: Cidery Taste and Tour Package


Embark on a delightful experience where learning meets culinary delight. This cidery taste and tour package invites you to unwind at the Double Hill Terrace and tour the production facility with the cider maker. Book your journey into the heart of cider country today and taste the tradition, craftsmanship and passion in every drop.


  • Orchard and cidery tour:
  • Cider tasting session with a flight

Location & Directions