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True Island Flavours

Whether it's a day at the beach, an evening at the theater, or the best seafood you've ever tasted, the memories you make last longer on Prince Edward Island. It's an Island filled with fun and unique adventures. No matter what experience you're searching for, it's easy to find when you add a little island.

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Family Vacation Packages

Family Vacation Packages

3 & 5-night packages, 4 Attraction Passports and National Park Pass, starting from $385

Great Golf Getaways

Great Golf Getaways

2 nights, 2 rounds starting from $175 per person!

Island Experiences

Island Experiences

Digging for Dinner, starting from $90 per person; Lobster Boil on the Beach, starting from $85 per person; Culinary Boot Camps, starting from $199 per person

Ask an Islander

Ask an Islander

Get the real story. Ask an Islander. You may know that Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest - and let's just say, prettiest province - is a peaceful slice of Paradise, with pristine beaches that go on forever. But there is so much more to know that only a real Islander can tell you. Wouldn't you love to hear from people who actually live here? Ask us anything. We're happy to share what makes the Island truly unique - why you'll want to visit; and why you'll want to come back.

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