Photo Credit: Meg Sullivan

New Harmony Road

New Harmony Road

Location: New Harmony

Northeast of Souris, one of the finest scenic heritage roads in the section of the New Harmony Road (Rte. 303) that runs from the Greenvale Road to the Tarantum Road (Rte. 304) for a distance of 1.2 km.

Wonderful hardwoods, interspersed with softwood, combine to form a leafy canopy where sunlight dapples onto this rich clay passage, creating a brilliant green "tunnel". On the eastern side of the road the Provincial Department of Energy and Forestry operates a demonstration woodlot, which lends an educational aspect as well as aesthetic appeal. Visitors are welcome to tour this site. Once part of a thriving agricultural community where French, Irish, English and Scottish nationalities settled, most of the farmland has been reclaimed by woodland. Today the road is used as an access to property, and a scenic drive and shortcut to the north shore. During Prohibition years, the remoteness of the road made it a prized location for rumrunners to hide illegal cargo unloaded from boats lying off the north shore.

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