Photo Credit: Brian Simpson

Perry Road

Perry Road

Location: Near St. Patrick's in central Queens, the Perry Road runs south from Rte. 239 for 2 km to meet Rte. 228, near Hazelgrove.

Carved through the hilly terrain of Central Queens, this narrow passage is heavily bordered by softwood and various hardwoods. Bushes and ground vegetation encroach upon the road, providing a secure habitat for wildlife. Exploring on foot you may discover the provincial flower, the pink Lady's Slipper, and chanterelle mushrooms. (Please do not pick.) This road is one of those which have been officially designated under the Planning Act.

It is reported that, during construction of the road, the government of the day was defeated and work was halted. Land for this first section of the road had been purchased from a landowner of the appropriate political stripe. Land required for completion was acquired, on the opposite side of the road's intended line, from a landowner sympathetic to the new government. This created a "dog leg" or "crook" midway along the road. On foot or by vehicle, bring along a camera or binoculars and catch the flora and fauna that abound here.

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