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ATV club members at lookout near lighthouse in winter PEI
Photo Credit: Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Wendy Gallant

Winter ATV Trails Prince Edward Island

Winter ATV Clubs

Enjoy the thrill of winter ATVing in Prince Edward Island. Visitors are welcome to buy a trail pass to use any of the groomed winter trails in the North Cape Coastal Drive region. There are the three clubs in the western area of the province that maintain approximately 210 kilometres of trail.

Tignish Sportsman Riders (60+ km of trail)

The Tignish clubhouse located at 482 Deblois Road is heated with running water, a kitchen with snacks and refreshments available to purchase, a restroom and Wi-Fi. Dedicated walking and snowshoe trails are nearby. There is ample space to unload trailers.

O'Leary Recreational Club (50+ km of trail)

The O'Leary Recreational Club has a cozy new clubhouse on Dunvar Road that opened in 2023 with a wood stove. Snacks and refreshments available for purchase.

The ATV trail from O'Leary to Tignish is connected. Visitors can park and unload at the Tim Horton's in O'Leary and ride directly to the Tignish Clubhouse.

Evangeline ATV Club (100+ km of trail)

The Evangeline ATV Club, located at 1007 Cannontown Road in Wellington, has an extensive winter trail system and dedicated snowshoeing trails. The clubhouse is heated with a kitchenette and restroom. Snacks and refreshments available for purchase. There is ample space to unload trailers.

Each club hosts organized runs in winter.  Check the website from the link below for event details.

ATV Federation Trail Pass

A PEI ATV Federation trail pass permit is required to use groomed winter ATV trails. You can complete registration and payment online.