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Currie-Farrar Road

Location: Appin Road

The Currie Road extends southwesterly from Rte. 249 at Green Bay to Rte. 237 (Appin Road). The Farrar Road begins almost immediately, extending from Rte. 237 to Rte. 246 for a total of 6.7 km.

Bordered by spruce, hemlock, sugar maple and beech that extends from hedgerow to a light canopy, this road features wonderful visual variety. Rose bushes, bracken ferns and mosses are found scattered along the roadside and within the woodland. These low bushes provide protective nesting and roosting sites for birds common to the area. The high hills of the Currie provide excellent vantage points for viewing the surrounding countryside and Northumberland Strait. The Farrar, bordered by a hedgerow and a small canopy, is somewhat lower and less winding. The Currie and Farrar families were property owners along these routes for several generations. The roads have been named for these early settlers. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, the area was actively farmed. Horses and wagons were used for hauling wood and dressed meats to market. Although the farmsteads are gone, reminders of early rural life are easily embraced on a drive through this country lane.

Currie Farrar Scenic Road