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Tourism PEI

Glen Road


This rich, red clay passage wanders through a bright green "glen" where wonderful woodland and pastoral farmland greet the traveller. Just off this road on the eastern end is a large American elm believed to be the largest tree on PEI. It is reputed to be so big that two men cannot reach each other's hands around its base. This was once a prosperous farming community with a mill and two blacksmith shops. Fine horses and driving wagons were status symbols the residents proudly displayed along this route. Today activity in the area centres around a shingle mill and farming. Stories of fairies abounded (and still linger) in the area, and children would quietly await the appearance of these magical creatures. Nellie MacPhee, a lifelong resident, is well remembered for her fortune-telling abilities. Clinging to her beloved homestead to the end, she was the last person to live in "the Glen". Location: Northeast of Souris, this road is the section of Rte. 303 that runs west from the Baltic Road (Rte. 302, through Glencorradale or "the Glen" as it is known locally, to the New Harmony Road.

Lupins, flowers