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Jack's Road

Location: Wood Islands

A narrow, winding trail where time seems to stand still, this rustic passage is a gentle reminder of simpler times past. Leafy arches are created by a border of hardwoods such as sugar maple, beech and birch. Stately hemlocks appear as one rounds a bend, adding dimension and depth. Mosses form a textured carpet under the tree cover. The pervading silence is broken only by the trilling of songbirds and the trickling of nearby streams. Muskrats, hares and red fox find this secluded wood an ideal location to feed and raise their families. Jack MacPherson owned a large farm to the north of the road in the early 1900s. Locals travelled the road to get to his place and, consequently, it became known and has remained Jack's Road. Location: Near the south shore and Wood Islands this road runs from Rte. 1 in Flat River to Rte. 207 for a distance of 4.1 m.

Jack's road