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Junction Road

Location: Hartsville

Handsome stands of hardwood and softwood, including maple, beech, yellow birch, spruce and hemlock, provide an appealing backdrop for this pleasant lane in Central Queens. Just off the road near the southern end is a mature hemlock stand. Some of the trees are estimated to be ninety years old. Wildflowers, including trillium, Lady's Slippers and Sweet William (escapees from an old garden) bloom among the mosses.

In the late 1800s to the early 1900s sawmills were located near the northern end of this road. After hauling wood to the mill, travellers, at the first sign of dusk, would hasten down the Junction Road to avoid the place known as "Spooky Hollow".

Locals were well aware of the mysterious events rumoured to have occurred here. From the first buds of spring through the splendour of autumn, this road provides a tranquil drive or stroll. Winter recreation such as sleigh riding, skiing and snowshoeing are also popular pursuits.

This road is part of Rte. 227 near Hartsville. Entering from Rte .225, the designated portion begins 420 metres from Rte. 225 and extends northwest for 1.7 km.

Junction Road Scenic Road