what is a lobster roll?

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James Platt
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Nicole Bellefleur
Nicole Bellefleur

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Hello James:

Lobster rolls are one of Prince Edward Island’s tastiest treats.

Each chef has his/her own special way of making a lobster roll, but generally speaking, it includes bite-sized chunks of cooked lobster meat, mixed with mayonnaise, celery and lemon juice, and seasoned with salt and pepper. The mixture is then scooped into a freshly-baked bun, and served cold (though some people do toast the bun before filling it).

Last summer, the CBC published an article entitled, “Where to find PEI’s best lobster roll.”

I also reached out to friends, to ask about their favourite places to feast on lobster rolls, and this is what they recommended:

I hope you’ll try a lobster roll (or two!) while you’re visiting our beautiful PEI!