You're hoping to catch your breath after a hectic summer, and trying not to think about the demands of winter. On nearby Prince Edward Island, you'll find the perfect calm between the storms. The air and sun are still warm. The beaches are serene and unoccupied. The trees are transforming into a glorious quilt of colour. And on tables, porches, and picnic blankets across our province, the bountiful harvest of the growing season waits to be savoured.

PEI has nearly as many unique things to do as there are grains of sand on our beaches.

More Things To Do


Fall Flavours Festival

Event one

This month long culinary celebration highlighting authentic Island tastes and traditions takes place in communities across PEI.

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Charlottetown Festival

Event two

Comedy, tragedy, romance-find it all here! Treat your imagination to Anne of Green Gables-The Musical™.

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Food, Recipes & Restaurants

Food, Recipes & Restaurants

There are many advantages to a small island, especially this one. The land here is rich and our waters teem with fish, lobster, oysters, and other shellfish.

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There are so many festivals and events happening this time of year!


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