Photo Credit: Stephen Harris



The forests of eastern North America are known for their brilliance and variety of fall colours, and PEI’s forests are no exception. Touring PEI in the fall, you’ll see vibrant apricot-orange of sugar maples mixed with the fiery reds of red maple, cherry, and sumac and the brilliant yellows of poplar, birch, and beech. These bright shades pop against a rich emerald background of fragrant softwoods such as spruce, pine, and fir. 

To see PEI’s foliage at its breathtaking best, visit between mid-September and late-October. Explore one of our many walking and biking trails or take a drive along an unpaved Heritage Road, which wind behind farm fields and forests to offer a vision of the Island’s landscape from a past time.


Visiting PEI during fall harvest time means you’ll be treated to an abundance of fresh produce and delectable tastes. Many of our crops are harvested between August and October, so you can enjoy the very best of our fruits, vegetables, and seafood in the fall.


In September, partake in the PEI Fall Flavours Festival, a month-long, Island-wide celebration of food and culture. Seafood lovers can indulge in an abundance of culinary delights at the International Shellfish Festival, described as “the biggest kitchen party in Atlantic Canada.”

Great Rates

Many Island accommodations offer unbeatable rates and vacation packages during the autumn months. We have a variety of shops and restaurants for every price point, and of course, our tranquil days, stunning views, and dazzling colours are all free. You can’t afford to miss PEI in the fall!

Get Active!

Take advantage of pleasant temperatures to get outside and enjoy PEI’s hiking and running trails, cycling, and golfing.