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oyster trayThere's no better way to inspire envy among your shellfish-loving friends than to tell them you dined on the freshest possible PEI mussels. But if you're looking to really impress them, discuss the distinction between Malpeques and Raspberry Points, or between Colville Bays and Lucky Limes. These and more "boutique" oyster brands can be enjoyed at many of our local restaurants and pubs.

Lobster Party

There are two lobster seasons on PEI. The first runs from May til the end of June, and the second from August til October. But of course fresh lobster is available year round.

Be sure to look for our famous Island lobster year round on menus, in pounds and on wharves across PEI. Lobster landings peak in Prince Edward Island in the period from April to June when the spring season opens.

Looking for new ways to enjoy Island lobster? Try one of these easy recipes.

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Learn about buying, storing, preparing and serving Island lobster.

How often have you caught and cooked your own lobster; Prince Edward Islanders are ready and waiting to help visitors taste their first oyster fresh from the sea, or share the excitement of handling a live and wiggling lobster. Our Authentic PEI Experiences are your perfect chance to take part in Island life, meet the locals - and go home with a story worth telling the neighbours!

Test your knowledge with lobster trivia!

1. How many lobster fishing seasons are there on Prince Edward Island?
2. At one time, lobster was considered very common and not at all the delicacy of today. How did farmers use lobsters?
3. Lobsters are fished using traps. What is the section of the trap where the bait is attached?
4. How do you tell the difference between a male and female lobster?
5. Most lobsters are greenish-brown in color, though occasionally ones will turn up in shades of blue, partly white or bright red. It's rare but it happens! Why?

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