RV Tour Planning

Planning your RV trip to P.E.I.

Prince Edward Island continues to be one of the great RV destinations on the continent.

“The Island” has welcomed many individual RVers and RV rallies over the years. You as an RV enthusiast will be pleased at the many amenities that our province has to offer. The Island has much to offer — easy access onto the island, scenic coastal drives, fresh produce from the land, rich heritage and culture, Canada’s top golf destination, world famous shellfish, a vibrant arts community, 90 some beaches and of course, campgrounds located across the province.

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Tourism PEI is a commercial member of the Family Motor Coach Association (F.M.C.A.).

REST ASSURED! Tourism operators in PEI are committed to the quality and cleanliness of their properties. Islanders take great pride and time to ensure your accommodation or camping site is comfortable and well maintained. All accommodations and camping sites listed on our site have been inspected to ensure they meet the province’s and industry’s standards. New properties are added throughout the year as they are licensed.