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Winter Dining Treasures of Prince Edward Island

Winter Dining Treasures

Published November 16, 2023 | vlweeks

by Chef ILona Daniel

Prince Edward Island is known for its stunning landscapes, friendly locals and delicious culinary offerings no matter what season it is. When the mercury dips from tip to tip, look for the 'can’t-miss' culinary hidden gems. Here are a few winter culinary delights to explore on Canada's Food Island in winter. 

Backwoods Burger Craft Beer Cookhouse

Along the North Cape Coastal Drive in Tyne Valley

Backwoods Burger is a go to for many locals and visitors alike in western PEI. If you’ve been hesitant to try goat cheese on a burger, this is the way to optimally experience chèvre. The J Express Burger is hearty hot sandwich that is ideal when winter winds must be banished. The burger is comprised of an Island beef patty, goat cheese, red onion, lettuce, jalapeno mayo and crispy onion straws packed into a toasted brioche bun. 

G&T Book Café

30 Spring Street, Summerside

The friendly owners of this perfectly cozy spot prepare authentic Vietnamese dishes including the iconic sandwich - the Bahn Mi. The Vietnamese Chicken & Egg Bahn Mi is a light and airy Vietnamese baguette stuffed with shredded chicken, cucumber, pâté and carrot. For ultimate enjoyment, order the Vietnamese coffee as well; it’s a game changer!

C&B Corner Café

Kensington, Green Gables Shore Region

Freshly baked bagels are ethereal carbohydrates playfully dressed and expertly baked. Why haven’t you been to C&B Corner Café yet? Their bagel offerings range from the classics to a Maritime icon in the making - the Garlic Finger Bagel. And the spreads range from the standard to a donair spread that just screams to be united with the garlic finger bagel. 

Angelika's German Bakery & Pastry Shop

19893 Route #2, Hunter River, Green Gables Shore 

Angelika's German Bakery & Pastry Shop makes sweets in the old-world flavours fashion using full-flavoured ingredients such as dark chocolate, fresh and candied fruit, and of course, real whipping cream. The iconic German Black Forest Torte is a must. Call ahead to put in an order for pickup or pop in to pick up a piece. Sometimes embracing the weather is easier with desserts in hand. 

Exterior view of Backwoods Burger in winter
Portuguese Fish and Chips plated on table at 21 Breakwater
Bagel in foreground with text "authentic housemade bagels" in background

The Handpie Company

1788 Route 115, Albany, Red Sands Shore 

There is a lot of local love for the chef-made portable pies by the Handpie Company. Each pie is loaded with local ingredients and hand crimped. You can dive deep into the many varieties on offer. You may just find a favourite and never stray, but when the weather cools, spice things up with the Curried Chickpea Handpie - a hearty vegetarian option filled with chickpeas, PEI potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes and peas with a mild yellow coconut milk curry. 

Aldo Reny’s Gourmet Panini

Founders’ Hall & Food Market, Charlottetown

If you’re a sandwich fanatic, look to Aldo Reny’s for all of the warmth with their authentic Tuscan sandwiches. The bread is made fresh daily (as it should be) and their sandwiches are bounteously filled with high quality ingredients. The Paradise Panini is exactly as heavenly as advertised - mortadella, Stracciatella cheese, pistachio cream and crumbled pistachio. These sandwiches are so good that you probably won't even care if you had to clean snow off of your car to get your hands on one of their sandwiches.

Closeup of Aldo Reny gourmet panini
Aldo Reny's Gourmet Panini


21 Breakwater Restaurant & Second Side Bar 

Souris, Points East Coastal Drive

When diners think about East Coast classic dishes, fish and chips almost immediately pops into the conversation. If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side of the fish and chip concept, the Portuguese Fish and Chips from 21 Breakwater is a must. The haddock is marinated and pan fried with a light coating and finished in white wine, butter and lime sauce. The fish is served with hand-cut fries cooked in olive oil and homemade tartar sauce. This version of fish and chips conveys warmth and comfort effortlessly. 

Image of Chef Ilona Daniel holding dish with text "Eat Something Local Today"