Tip-to-Tip Details


  • Tignish to O'Leary (45 km easy to moderate)
  • O'Leary to Wellington (45 km easy to moderate)
  • Wellington to Hunter River (65 km moderate to hard)
  • Hunter River to Morell (65 km moderate to hard)
  • Morell to Elmira (54 km moderate)

Branch Trails

  • Emerald to Borden-Carleton (18 km easy)
  • Cardigan Junction to Montague (10 km easy)
  • Royalty Junction to Charlottetown (8 km easy)
  • Mt. Stewart to Georgetown (39 km moderate)
  • New Harmony Junction to Souris (8 km easy)
  • Stratford to Murray Harbour (80 km moderate)

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How distances are marked along the Trail

The total length of the Confederation Trail is 449 km. The tip-to-tip Trail distances are marked from West to East, with Tignish being 0 km and Elmira 273 km. A number of Branch Trails off the main route lead to the coast and they are numbered from 0 km at the Junctions, increasing to the end of the Branch.

There are six Junctions: Emerald, Royalty, Mt. Stewart, New Harmony, Cardigan and Wood Islands North. The Murray Harbour Branch starts at 0 km at Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park in Charlottetown and terminates in Murray Harbour at 80 km.

Access to the Trail

Activity on the Confederation Trail is limited to walkers and hikers, wheelchairs, cyclists and runners in the summertime. During the winter months (December 1 – March 31), the PEI Snowmobile Association has exclusive rights to the Confederation Trail.

Trail Etiquette

Always keep your pet on a leash and leave no trace.

Confederation Trail Guide to PEI

The Confederation Trail Guide will help you plan your cycling vacation on the Confederation Trail. The guide includes accommodations which are part of the Cyclists Welcome Program. Participants of this program take the needs of cyclists into consideration and make their properties welcoming and easy for cyclists.

Browse the Confederation Trail Guide or download it as a PDF.

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