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Setting Day

On Prince Edward Island, we love our lobster.

Lobster fishing has been deeply rooted in Island culture for over 100 years and Setting Day marks the opening day of the lobster season each Spring. It’s a tradition among many Island families (mine included) to wake-up before dawn, go to the harbour to watch the fishers as they leave the wharf and head for the fishing grounds to set their traps.

Lobster boats loaded wth traps at the Wharf PEI Culinary Adventrues boat

Growing up on Prince Edward Island, I have been on countless lobster boats but never on Setting Day. Every Islander knows that on Setting Day, the fishers are too busy and boats are too weighted down to ever take an extra person — especially one who isn’t there to help. So, naturally, when Chef Ross of PEI Culinary Adventures invited me along to take part in this event, I was thrilled.

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