What is Ask an Islander?

Enjoying a horse ride by the shore

Prince Edward Island, the country's smallest province, is also its most magical. Yes, it’s small, but we pack in a lot: delicious cuisine, lively music, endless beaches, award-winning golf courses and outdoor adventures. While those are all special, it’s how Islanders bring them all together in our kitchens, on our beaches, or anywhere we can gather that makes this such a great place to live – and visit. That kind of passionate approach to life also makes it easy for us to find Islanders willing to answer all kinds of questions from visitors. They’re happy to help those "from away" plan an authentic Island adventure. The kind that features something unique. The kind that features moments not found in a travel guide.

Hailing from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, our Ambassadors are your local guides to what's wonderful about life, work, play and history here in PEI. They'll provide first-hand stories and insights, with answers to questions like why our sand "sings", to the best spot for supper under the stars.

Welcome to our special corner of the country. Ask an Islander all about it.

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How It Works

Want to know where Chef Ilona Daniel loves to eat on her own time in Charlottetown? Or which musician Meaghan Blanchard will never miss when they play a show? Just Ask. Here's how it works: