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Feel the energy of the Acadian community! Be amazed by the talented musicians, dancers, chefs, and artisans. This tight knit, French speaking community, spread throughout the Island, is welcoming and enthusiastic about discussing their traditions and sharing their stories with you. You will find festivals, authentic experiences, cuisine, and historical sites to discover.

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Île Saint-Jean / Prince Edward Island - 1720-2020

The year 2020 marks the tricentennial of France’s founding of the Île Saint-Jean colony, the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the first French and Acadian settlers in Prince Edward Island and the beginning of colonization in PEI. A very large number of Islanders are descendants of these first inhabitants.

It should also be noted that with the colonization, agriculture and commercial fishing were introduced on the Island. It can therefore be said that 2020 also marks the tricentennial of these two sectors in the province.

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A tricentennial deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. In 2008, PEI commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Deportation of Island Acadians and in 2017, the 250th anniversary of the surveying of the Island under Samuel Holland and the production of the first modern map of the province.

Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Island’s colonization gives Islanders the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of the French and the Acadians to what has become the province of Prince Edward Island. French has been spoken on the Island since 1720. While such has not always been the case, today Islanders recognize the importance of the contribution of the Acadians and the French language to the Island culture.

It is true and recognized that the French and the Acadians were not the first to settle on the Island. The Mi’kmaq lived there for thousands of years before the French colonized it. However, history tells us that the Mi’kmaq were allies of the French and that under the French Regime, the French, the Acadians and the Mi’kmaq got along well together. As we celebrate the 300th anniversary, it is a wonderful opportunity to remember the historical ties that bind the Mi’kmaq, the French and the Acadians.

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