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Basin Head Provincial Park

Location: Points East Coastal Drive

Park Type: Day Use Park

Supervised Beach: Yes

The Basin Head Day Park features a supervised beach, fisheries museum, play area, on-site concessions, washroom and shower facilities. The beach is supervised and split into two sections, divided by a channel, known locally as “the run.” The pure white sand of the area is geologically unique. Because it actually "sings" when stepped on due to its high silica content, the beach is nicknamed "the Singing Sands".

A beach mat gives access to the water from the wharf and a floating wheelchair is available when surf conditions are safe.

Location: 336 Basin Head Rd, Route 16, Kingsboro

Ocean, Waves, Children running

Beach Reports and Safety

Prince Edward Island offers a variety of unique and enjoyable beach experiences. It is important to double check beach reports to ensure the safest possible visit to our beaches.

Discover Points East Coastal Drive

Basin Head Provincial park is located on Route 16 in the Points East Coastal Drive region. The park is a short 15 minute drive from Souris.

Basin Head Fisheries Museum

The on-site Basin Head Fisheries Museum is situated on the bluff overlooking Northumberland Strait and magnificent white "Singing Sands" beach.

What to Do in Points East Coastal Drive