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Greenwich - PEI National Park

Location: Points East Coastal Drive

Supervised Beach: Yes

Civic Address: 59 Wild Rose Road off Route 313, Greenwich

Dates of Operation: June 5 - September 2, 2024

The easternmost region of PEI National Park, Greenwich is home to Prince Edward Island’s largest sand dunes, including a rare, horseshoe-shaped parabolic dune system. Greenwich is rich with both natural and cultural history as a habitat to rare plants and animals and holding connections with French, Acadian and Mi’kmaq cultures. 

Trails at Greenwich are full of stunning views, including the ones surrounding the iconic floating boardwalk on Greenwich Dunes Trail - a treasure that should not be missed! 

Greenwich Beach is a jewel with its expanse of pristine, white sand. Low tide uncovers wide sandbars perfect for beach walks and ideal for exploration among the tidepools. There are washrooms and a picnic area for visitors along with surf guard services in July and August.

An entrance fee applies at PEI National Park locations from June to September annually.

Visitors are reminded that pets are not permitted on National Park beaches from April 1 to October 15 annually. Please plan ahead! 

LIFEGUARD NOT ON DUTY at this time. When beaches are UNSUPERVISED, visitors swim at their OWN RISK.

Greenwich PEI-National-Park, Couple on path

National Park Beach Safety

Lifeguards are on duty at PEI National Park locations between July and Labour Day. They aim to post surf conditions each day by 11 am.

Discover Points East Coastal Drive

Located at 59 Wild Rose Road in St. Peter’s, Greenwich is part of Points East Coastal Drive and is one of seven supervised beaches in the PEI National Park.

PEI National Park - Greenwich

Escape into a truly unique landscape. Experience a sense of awe and serenity as you take in the towering parabolic dune system and pristine white sand beaches at Greenwich.

What to Do in Points East Coastal Drive