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West Point

Each summer a close group of friends and I make a point to spend a weekend in West Point, PEI, and each year we are more thrilled with our time than the last. Some of the highlights are the quiet beaches populated by you alone, the wind turbines that punctuate the beautiful landscape and farmland, the incredible rocky red cliffs that line the shores, and of course, the iconic West Point lighthouse – this place has got it all! But this year’s top prize for the greatest West Point attraction easily goes to the remarkable sunset we experienced on the West Point beach one evening… and I mean jaw-dropping, can’t-believe-it’s-real, brings-tears-to-your-eyes remarkable!

Woman walking on the West Point Trail boardwalk

We were spending the night at the Cedar Dunes Provincial Park campground in anticipation of sleeping under the West Point starry night sky that we have come to love over the years. We were thrilled to learn that our campsite was only a few minutes walk away from the lighthouse and miles of beautiful beach that we had all to ourselves for the entire evening.

I can’t even begin to describe the gorgeous stroll along the boardwalk near the dunes of the beach, with the statuesque lighthouse approaching in the distance.

Boardwalk running along side the lighthouse

We had a picnic on the beach and watched in awe as the clouds parted to display the most incredible sunset I have seen to date! The view was spectacular! To the west we had view of the sun setting over the water with no other land in sight; it was as if it was dropping off the edge of the earth forever and we were the only ones around to see it!

Sunset over the water Two rainbows arching over the lighthouse

We turned around to find an even more shocking view in the east – a crystal clear, full, double rainbow that was a perfect arc over the stunning, striped lighthouse! We were running up and down the shore trying to take it all in; attempting to capture this gorgeous event from all angles. We couldn’t get over how lucky we were to be experiencing this moment.

If you are ever looking for a view that will stop your heart and open your eyes to the undeniable beauty of this Island, head up west for a time you’ll not soon forget.

Rainbow and Lighthouse
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