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Ten Trails to Explore on PEI this fall

Mooney's Pond

1. Mooney’s Pond

One of the most stunning places to enjoy the fall colours of the Island is Mooney’s Pond. The nature trail starts off of the Confederation Trail and leads to the wheelchair accessible activity area which span over 600 metres. It also features a floating dock, a bridge, and observations docks! A perfect spot to get that fall Instagram shot! This trail is 1.9 km and is rated as easy/medium.

2. North Cape Nature Trail

Located on the northwest tip of the Island, this trail begins at the North Cape Windmill Farm and goes over the black marsh on a raised platform. With incredible views of our red cliffs and shoreline, exploring this trail is a must! The trail is 3.5 km and is rated as easy.

3. Gairloch Road Trail

The Gairloch Road Trail is a beautiful woodland trail that will make you feel like you’re truly one with nature. This is primarily a loop trail. Streams and local wildlife can be found throughout. This path is great for experienced hikers and mountain bikers as there are some more difficult spots. The trail is 7 km and is rated as having difficult sections.

4. Boughton River Trails

If you’re taking your camera along with you, you will want to explore Boughton River Trail. The trail runs along the bank of the Boughton River and is built in four interconnected loops so you can do the entire trail or just one section at a time. In the fall it is painted with colours as the trees cast their reflections into the river.  This trail is 8.9 km and is rated as moderately difficult.


5. Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park

The Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park features hiking and mountain biking trails along the Bonshaw River. The trails are very popular year round but definitely a fall favourite. There are picnic facilities, and a natural adventure playground featuring swings, balancing ropes and the "Crosby Hill." You can easily spend the day on these paths or just go for a leisurely stroll. These trails combined are over 18 km long and are rated from easy to difficult depending on which route you decide to take.

6. Winter River Trail

A gorgeous woodland trail to explore all year round. This trail is located just outside of Charlottetown in Suffolk. The trail goes through mature woods containing white spruce and white pine trees. The small feeder streams along the trail are bridged and offer an inside look at local wildlife. The view of Winter Bay is also a beautiful sight to see! This trail is 6 km and is rated as moderately difficult.

7. Confederation Trail

Built on abandoned railway lines, this trail runs tip-to-tip across Prince Edward Island. As you go, you'll be able to access accommodations, food and services very easily. You can stop in little towns along the way to try local goods. It’s the perfect way to explore the Island on a bicycle, but you can easily walk sections as well. Don’t forget about the views! You will see lots of fall colours along the trail. The Confederation Trail is made of rolled stone dust which has gentle gradients never exceeding 2% up or down. The trail is 449 km and is rated as easy.

The path of our forefathers

8. The Path of Our Forefathers

This nature trail is located along the scenic shores of Lennox Island. It is a stacked-loop that goes along history rich forest and the sea as well as historical homesteads of former Mi’kmaq elders. This is not only a very scenic trail to enjoy but one full of history. This trail is 10km and rated as moderately difficult.

9. Dromore Woodland Trail

The Dromore Woodland Trails consist of four sections including loops and connectors. This makes it handy for short, half-day or full-day hiking adventures. All the trails are popular but the “Birding” loop is a local favourite as it goes around the Pisquid River and offers beautiful views - it’s a great loop to take if searching for fall colours. These trails total 14 km and are rated from easy to difficult.

10. Robinsons Island Trail System

This trail system is a multi-use trail located within the Prince Edward Island National Park. It was designed as a stacked loop so you can choose shorter or longer routes. It was also built with mountain bikers in mind and features 11 technical trail challenges located in spurs that break off the main trail. These trails are 5 km and are rated from easy to moderately difficult.

For more trail options visit the Island Trails website,

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